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Traits in a teacher that help students move to the realm of critical thinking

  • Posted by Ashok Mittal
  • Competitive exam prep
  • February 10, 2016

Great teaching is a work of art. It has to do less with knowledge and skill, and more with the attitude that teachers have towards students and their work, regardless of the student’s age.

Critical thinking is defined as a reflective and reasonable thought process embodying depth, accuracy, and astute judgment to determine merit of a decision, an object, or a theory. It involves analysis, evaluation and synthesis of ideas in the person’s mind to arrive at an in-depth understanding of the situation. Specific techniques adopted by teachers, help in building the critical thinking of students.

  • Providing timely, positive yet constructive feedback.
  • Expressing agreement and at the same time discussing the areas in which there is disagreement; along with providing appreciation and encouragement.
  • Asking challenging and thought provoking questions to students.
  • Guiding students that there can be multiple number of opinions and correct answers to a particular question and teaching them the value of contrasting and comparing; not everything is straight away ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
  • Openly praising high quality work when the teacher sees one, so that other students get inspired to follow.
  • Encouraging students to provide problem-solving responses rather than being satisfied with textbook definitions.
  • Engage students in a discussion by counter questions directly related to the student’s response instead of posting an off-the-shelf, well-worn reply.
  • Teachers should encourage student for deeper explanation, justification and clarifications of the particular standpoint, that he or she has deemed fit for the particular question.
  • Keeping the use of direct quotes to the minimum and avoiding the overuse of quotes by students in response to the questions posed.
  • A teacher should never respond to students in such an authoritative manner that it kills the discussion; the goal is to keep the discussion moving, and not let students assume that the instructor will always has the final word.
  • Soliciting opposing views, encouraging students to make a justified argument for or against a topic.
  • Teachers should usually pose open ended question which cannot be answered with a simple yes or no or in one-liners.

The job of a teacher can be quite an exciting one when it comes to stimulating the students in this manner. This way, teachers become part of interesting discussions and imbibe better understanding of concepts, both for themselves and for the classroom.

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