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Hello there! If you’ve come this far, then perhaps you would also want to go a little further and know more about QuesTeach, how it was incorporated, the story so far and our DNA!

Our story

Our journey began on a fine Saturday afternoon in May, when 2 marketing executives were tired of long working hours. Tired of having to listen to our boss telling us something we knew we could do better, without his intervention. Tired of thinking that this would be us at 60, but in the moment, we were working on a Saturday.

We looked up at each other, over the edge of our busy laptop screens, our thoughts in unison; ‘There has to be a better way’. And before I could say it, Mukul insisted we brainstorm for a couple of hours every day and come up with a few pain points prevailing in the society that we could solve. Why not? Start-ups seem to be the ‘thing’ these days. Let’s do it! Let’s develop and mature an idea in whatever spare time we can afford and give it a shot, I added.

Everyday...Literally every day at work inspired us to think harder. To be innovative and original, in coming up with a problem statement and then devising a foxy solution to work around it. It was hard work; there was no blue ocean left anywhere, anymore. The struggle to stand out and the race against time to do it were overwhelming sometimes.

After a week, I left for Alwar on an official tour, carrying all my thoughts along with me. On completing the work I was assigned to do, I took the last local for Delhi, wanting nothing else but the soft bed waiting for me at home. I looked out of the window; it was pitch dark outside and the building lights looked like stars, only much closer.

During dinner, I was thinking about all the service aggregator startups, selling services ranging from sofa dry cleaning to haircuts at home, 'confusing' people for choice, so to speak! No clarity, too much clutter and no vertical business orientation. In an attempt to dig deeper into the 'master of one' approach for an industry desperately needing a tech revolution, it struck! A teacher search and discovery platform! One where students and teachers can interact with each other and help bridge the ___ GAP between aspiring students and education! It seemed highly executable, and with a few tweak in the business model, administration and operations, we were a GO. I glanced around inside the train, looking at people; minding their own, not knowing something that they may soon be a part of. My excitement and vigor grew till the following morning; we discussed the plan, iterated it till we believed it was market ready and bootstrapped our way through product development.

As swiftly as the idea struck, everything from website designing to legal documentation for our new company just fell into place! We started making our own deadlines now, and we loved breaking them. The feeling of working for yourself was exquisite. And on the 23rd of June, it felt like 2 more humans of India were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. There was no looking back from there on, and after 6 months of planning, execution and spending every penny that came into our bank accounts, we finally had something bigger than the both of us.

QuesTeach! It was officially launched on the 4th of January 2016, by 2 Business Managers / Dilli wale / tech enthusiasts, and now another tag...2 Founders; Ashok Kumar & Mukul Pal, determined to guide their brainchild one step closer each day, to their vision.

Our Philosophy

Every student is a unique individual who needs a stimulating atmosphere in order to mature; intellectually, physically and socially. With the right mentor (Teacher) and a little bit of guidance, a student’s natural curiosity and the zest to build knowledge motivates her/him into the individual she/he will become.

QuesTeach believes in aggregating the best teachers of any / all fields imaginable to facilitate swift search and discovery, of the best teaching professionals out there. We want to open up an avenue for students to learn from the best!

Our company’s work culture believes in giving equal & fair opportunities to everyone, irrespective of their nationality, cast & religion and reward our human resource solely based on their educational and professional competence.

We strongly believe in the philosophy of “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः“which translates to having zero tolerance towards the disrespect of women in any sense within our organization, and beyond.

Our Vision

To cater to all major prevailing pain points in the Indian education industry, by readily providing the finest teachers in supplementary education and the most interactive & intuitive study material, thereby fabricating an online learning environment where students love to be, to learn and to grow!

Why QuesTeach?

“Leaders Don’t Create followers, they create more leaders”

This pretty much summarizes our belief. To create more leaders out of our members, and empower them, we never interfere!

For Teachers:

We don’t take any cut, on the tuition fee which teachers quote. We don’t restrict the number of student responses that our teachers get. Time is of the essence, however, we don’t put any restrictions on teaching hours. There aren’t any limitations on the teaching venue either. Every aspect of your ‘way of working’ is duly noted and respected. Your methods. Your techniques. Your strategies. There is no bias, and QuesTeach assists teachers, solely on the basis of their professional and educational competence.

For Students:

All features ranging from our teacher search and discovery engine to posting a service requirement are absolutely FREE of cost for all registered students. We’ve devised a foxy solution to make test based learning, affordable to all. It’s called PPT (Pay per test), where, as the name suggests, students just need to pay for the tests they want to attempt. There are no hefty packages. No hassles. Just pure exam practice. To further facilitate practice, and show our students how much we believe in “Practice makes perfect”, all sectional tests on the portal are FREE for all competitive exams.

Our Expertise

Questeach brings you a plethora of educational services on one single online platform. Weather its supplementary education, skill based extracurricular training or competitive exam prep, you can use Questeach to hone your skills and gain that extra edge over your peers.

Our teacher search and discovery platform facilitates a swift and effortless means to find your perfect mentor, pertaining to all spheres of learning. It empowers all its students to view a teacher’s profile data and get in touch with the individual who best matches the student’s requirements. Our rating and review mechanism coupled with historical data on a teacher’s profile, such as teaching experience, profile activity and overall popularity ensures that only the finest educators are filtered into our search engine, thereby increasing student satisfaction levels.

Also, our test based learning module helps in online competitive exam preparation and gives students a detailed explanation about their performance with complete statistical analysis. To make things even more interesting, Questeach provides intelligent tips & tricks on how to improve speed, accuracy and reduce the effect of negative marking on the overall score. Turn your weakness into your strength by attempting our indigenously developed adaptive modules, which take into account your exam attempt pattern and tell you exactly where you might slip, during the actual exam.

The word Questeach has been derived from quest (search) and teach (for a teacher that inspires), and has believed in the beautiful words by Mr. William Arthur: The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. We seek to ever expand members into our BIG family of 'great' teachers.

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Core Team

Ashok Kumar (Founder):

A mixed breed frankly, having majored in German Language back in high school, followed up with a degree in Cost Accounting and now having 30 years of experience in Taxation and Business Management. He's always been curious about how tech companies have started leading the way, with top notch automation, new age business practices and creating something bigger than the society, so to speak, using private equity. He put on his entrepreneurial hat in May, and decided to venture out, build a new road and make his own speed limits. His vision is to make the word "QuesTeach" come into anyone's mind, when 'anyone' thinks of services pertaining to education.

Mukul Pal (Co-founder):

A marketing professional having an experience of 6 years, working with brands like Honda & Radio city, on Brand strategy, Media planning & buying, Public relations, Consumer insights and Competitor & market analysis. An avid cricket fan and has a keen interest in theatrical plays and biographies of those who made a difference to the world. Believes in the ideology of “The power of law of attraction”. Bitten by entrepreneurial bug in mid 2015, he started seeing a dream. Guided by the law of attraction, he started working towards making that dream turn into reality. As a Co-Founder of the company, his vision and aspiration is to make QuesTeach the largest Ed-tech solution provider in the country.

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